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Giron Sámi Teáhter’s various productions are aimed at children, teenagers, adults and elderly people. The theater has a repertoire in which the audience can enjoy performances in their own native language and language skills. This means that both the Sami language and Swedish are used as stage languages.
All theater performances take place in Sápmi, the Sami traditional settlement area and in other parts of Scandinavia. All public events are conducted in cooperation with Sensus. Do you want to book a show? Contact us via e-mail:
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Language Circus

Using circus as a theme and with the help of a tightrope dancer, a clown and an acrobat we approach our Sami languages. Being a beginner gets easier if learning means being funny and crazy. How does the tightrope dancer bend the verbs? How does the clown get away with saying the wrong things? Read more >
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Ella just had to move out with her mother, having to change school, dad had to stay with the reindeer. In the new school toughness rules, and Ella has a hard time knowing how to fit in. Now she had to do something stupid, something very stupid and her guilt is devastating. Read more >
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How can a colonized nation break free from its colonizers? CO2lonialNATION is a fictional commission for truth and reconciliation, which deals with the relations between the four nations Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia and the Sami and the relations between Samis. A testimony from one of the richest and safest areas of the world. Read more >
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Håll elden levande

Doala dolat heakkas / Håll elden levande is Giron Sámi Teáhter’s first summer tour. The show is an ode to Ailo Gaup. He was a journalist, author, theater pioneer, cultural mediator, a respected noaidi. Join us on a journey into his literary world, accompanied by joik singing and music. Where people move between dreams and reality. Read more >