Bullá – Mu buoremus boazu / Mov bööremes bovtse / Min bästa ren was performed in the spring of 2015 with a fully booked tour schedule and in several language versions. In the fall of 2016 it comes back with new actors, performed in Lule Sami with Northern Sami elements.
This is a real story about Nils-Johan, the reindeer Bullá, the dog Jojo and their important friendship, which is made stronger by the love of life in the reindeer woods. You as an audience, children and adults both, will experience the story by singing, dancing and playing around on the stage, which portrays in different ways the settings and situations in these friends’ lives. The performance is loosely based on the children’s book Sagan om Buolla written by Anne Pavval, Jokkmokk.
Script: Nina Nordvall Vahlberg, Victoria Kahn
Director: Victoria Kahn
Set design, costumes, make-up: Elisabeth Åström
Composer: Nina Nordvall Vahlberg
Lighting and sound technician: Mårten Eliasson
Photography: Hans Olof Utsi
Seamstresses: Solveig Labba and Kristina Henriksson
Lule Sami translation: Britt-Inger Sikku
Northern Sami translation: Elli Sivi Näkkäläjärvi Utsi and Ellen Marit Labba
Actors: Elina Israelsson, Rita Hjelm and Mareno Gaelok
Susanne Karlsson
Head of the Theater: Åsa Simma