CO2lonialNATION is a fictional commission for truth and reconciliation, which deals with the relations between the four nations Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia and the Sami and the relations between Samis. A testimony from one of the richest and safest areas of the world.
CO2lonialNATION is a testimony of severed ties, broken responsibilities, shattered alliances, maimed minds, and how a broken man breaks down another, generation after generation. CO2lonialNATION channels the voices of the Sápmi that have not previously been heard, voices that are like a white spot within the media. CO2lonialNATION uses methods from documentary theater and raises more questions than it answers.
Director: Pauliina Feodoroff
Script: Pauliina Feodoroff, Niillas Holmberg, Simon Issát Marainen, Mio Negga, Sarakka Gaup and Elina Israelsson
Actors: Elina Israelsson, Mio Negga och Sarakka Gaup
Composer: Mio Negga
Set design: Vihtori Rämä and Ilkka Volanen
Costume design: Laura Rämä
Other creators: Anders Sunna, Stina Roos and Tero Mustonen
Marketing: Li Lindström
Producer: Susanne Karlsson
Head of the Theater: Åsa Simma
First performance: February 14, 2017
Tour period: February 10 – May 15, 2017
Length: 90 min.
Target group: adults, teenagers from 14 years up
Language: Entirely in Lule Sami and Northern Sami, translated into Swedish and Finnish
Booking: Elise Killander +46 70 209 43 92, (Sweden)
Minna Lehtola +358 40 7712 688, (Finland)
Anne Henriette Hætta Reinås +47 957 43 079, (Norway)

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