In the mushroom forest, a father and daughter find a foreign man with a broken leg. Pretty soon they understand that he is not who he claims to be. In a kitchen, a couple discusses who will take care of the children if the mother becomes an activist and in a meeting room people are brainstorming names for a newly established mining company, while passion smolders under the surface.
The mining issue involves so many aspects of Swedish politics. This is a story about Sweden, about work, industry, home area, colonialism and an endless landscape that hides a national trauma, says Sara Giese, director.

Playwright Anders Duus is back with an everyday drama of longing, frustration and love. At the bottom of the story is the complicated mining issue, with its contradiction between employment opportunities, consequences on the environment and Sami rights.
Acclaimed director Sara Giese was recently at the National Theater with the show 1984 on tour in autumn 2015.

Dagbrott is presented by Giron Sámi Teáhter in collaboration with the National Theater.
Playwright: Anders Duus
Director: Sara Giese
Set design & costumes: Johanna Mårtensson
Music & sound: David Giese
Lights: Karl Svensson
Actors: Sarakka Gaup, David Lennemann, Mårten Andersson
Photography & illustration: Mira Åkerman
National Theater in collaboration with Giron Sámi Teáhter
Head of the Theater: Åsa Simma