Ella just had to move out with her mother, having to change school, dad had to stay with the reindeer. In the new school toughness rules, and Ella has a hard time knowing how to fit in. Now she had to do something stupid, something very stupid and her guilt is devastating.

Kim’s father is always "tired" and sometimes sleeps all day long. Now, Kim has to move, her dream is to live with her grandmother, but the social has decided that she has to live with Kajsa and Birger and their fucking poodle called Princess. Kim is full of fury; her only cure is kicking and screaming.
Both of them end up in a middle space and there is Rio. Rio is not really like everyone else. Now anything can happen!

DEH! is about daring to set limits, how difficult it is to walk your path, to conquer fears and simply becoming your own super hero, facing your own fears and insecurities, to stand up for yourself and liking yourself.

Ella, Kim and Rio, are very different, the only thing they have in common is the fact that they are children. They meet in the Middle space, between reality and imagination, between memories and future dreams. In that space, anything can happen, both good and bad, and their meeting will be something not to forget.
Director: Johanna Huss
Johanna Huss and the ensemble
Actors: Anna Åsdell, Elina Israelsson and Sarakka Gaup
Set, costumes and make-up: Paulina Åhnberg
Magnus Larsson
Technician & carpenter:
Tor-Ulf Öhman
Light design: 
Kurt  Hermansen
Oskar Njajta Östergren
Language coaches:
Britt-Inger Sikku, Maidi Steinfjell Persson and Åsa Simma
Recorded grandmother: Sagka Stångberg
Producer: Catarina Lahti
Head of theatre:
Åsa Simma
Thanks to:
Lars Hermansen, Norrbottensteatern and Karin Vasara Hammare

October 8, 2017
Touring period: October 2017 – February 2018

Language versions: North-, South-, and Julevsami, with elements in Swedish; Swedish with elements of North-, South, and Julevsami
Booking: Elise Killander, elise@samiteahter.org
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The project is an EU interreg project that runs until June 30th, 2020. The goal is to create a basis for long-term cooperation across the border between Sijti Jarnge in Hattfjelldal, Norway and a Sámi Center in Tärnaby.
Giron Sámi Teáhter participates in the project by adding content such as theater workshops, language educational programs, performances and lectures. During the first 8 months of the project, the childrens performance DEH! visited Tärnaby, and two days of Language Circus have been conducted for Sámi children between 6 and 11 years. The performance The Inheritance will have its premiere in Tärnaby. Support from the European Regional Development Fund makes the work possible.