The show Reaktor is fragile, dark, beautiful and fleeting - just as life can sometimes be... Inside me, I am bothered by one of the great questions; Can a hunted man be kind to his neighbor and still be true to himself?

Anitta Suikkari, Director

The sheet was blank. I was going to sit down and write the first scene in my first theater piece. Abstract and concrete was the goal. The starting point was that most people have seen a lot of shows and that theater should leave room for interpretation. Theater is an art form. I wanted to create something different for a selective Sami audience.

I wanted to use the Sami society as external frame. I have previously written stories for Samis within other forms of expression. The modern Sápmi deserve breadth in their art and in their stories. Energetic and mineral development are a threat to the survival of the traditional Sami way of life. How do we take care of our culture – and of each other – as a part of the great community that in all these years has tried to destroy us?
I wanted to create a psychological drama that can be transferred to any other time and place. A chamber play about people in a challenging situation, in an encounter with demons. The deed of having to take care of themselves and the others, the basic principles of life… The result is Reaktor.

Kenneth Hætta, Screenwriter

The year is 1986, the end of April, we are driving north from Östersund, we had been on tour for a long time, some days of freedom lay ahead. We drive, it’s night-time, we are tired, a refreshing drizzle begins to fall, we jump out of the bus, stretch out in the rain, restored, we believe. We drive on, turn on the radio, listen... a big accident, a reactor has exploded, blown up, an outbreak, Chernobyl.

Suddenly I feel dirty, itchy everywhere, I’m like a ticking time bomb. The information was sketchy, there was immense turmoil, do you dare dry your laundry outdoors? Do you dare breathe outdoors? Would it be safer if it wasn’t raining?
Forced slaughter, helicopters flying crisscross, blood, blood and more blood. Sadness filled jojker, so it was.

With the show Reaktor I invite you to join us in the future, this time the accident is greater than Chernobyl, only three people are left, do they have a future? What happens inside a person’s mind when life is threatened? Is there consolation in the past, and is there a future at all? I wish you a nice performance experience.

Åsa Simma, Teaterchef

Script: Kenneth Hætta
Director: Anitta Suikkari
Director’s assistant, prompter: Emma von Wendt
Set design, costume design and photography: Tiina Hauta-aho
Composer: Olav Johan Eira
Lighting design, subtitling: Sami Kultima
Sound technician: Mårten Eliasson
Seamstress: Hanna Vilen
Carpenters: Matti Eklund, Kenny Hansson
Language coach: Svea Päviö
Northern Sami translators: Elli Sivi Näkäläjärvi Utsi, Inger Julianne Eira
Swedish translator: Ida Lotta Backman
Sarakka Gaup, Paul Ol Jona Utsi, Elina Israelsson/Anna Åsdell
Marketing materials translations: Inger Gunhild Maria Tapio
Producer: Ellen Marit Labba
Vice Producer: Sandra Truedsson
Head of the Theater: Åsa Simma
Thanks to: Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhter, Sten Nyhlén, Ana Yrsa Falenius